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The Variety of Youngest Tooth Molar Problems and How to Overcome It


After 21 years of age, usually someone will have 32 teeth including wisdom teeth. The process of growing wisdom teeth is not without problems. Various dental problems can arise during growth, or after growth.

Because wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth growing between other parts of the tooth, it is not uncommon for the growth of molars to feel so painful. This happens because to grow, the wisdom teeth need to tear the gum part. Not to mention the potential problems in the direction of growing wisdom teeth that can cause damage. Get to know a variety of wisdom teeth that may appear and how to overcome them, so we are not surprised when experiencing them.

The following are some of the molars that you may experience, and how to overcome them.

The wisdom tooth is festering

Wisdom molar teeth do not escape the problem of purulent teeth or dental abscesses, which are no less painful than teeth in other parts. Festering teeth are usually caused by a variety of things, for example you consume too much sweet food or lack dental care. If you have festering, not only pain can arise, but also complications that arise with it. Pus can spread to other areas such as the jaw, neck, head or other place. Even at the most severe stage, it can be life threatening if it causes a blood infection or sepsis. Festering teeth are caused by the appearance of pus pockets due to bacterial infection of the dental pulp (tooth root tissue) where there are blood vessels, dental nerve tissue, and connective tissue.

To overcome infections that occur in purulent teeth, there are several things that can be done. For example, taking root care, draining pus, giving antibiotics to treat infections, or even extracting teeth. Treatment can be done according to the condition of your teeth. Therefore, it is important to consult or check your dental health condition when a problem occurs.

Wisdom teeth are impacted

The next molar problem is impaction. Imaction can actually occur in other parts of the tooth. However, because molars are part of the last growing tooth, the cases of impaction are more common in molars. Especially wisdom teeth. Impaction occurs when the teeth do not grow perfectly, because of the barrier of other teeth. Impaction can also occur due to a mismatch between the size of the jaw and the size of the tooth. Impaction on molars can cause the gums to swell with pain. This happens because in the wisdom teeth that experience impaction, germs can enter into causing infection.

Overcoming the problem of molars or wisdom teeth that experience impaction can be done by administering antibiotics, removing wisdom teeth, or by operating on the gums.

Wisdom teeth are broken

Even though it is at the very back, it does not mean that wisdom teeth can escape tooth fractures. Broken teeth usually occur in teeth that have been damaged, for example porous. If your molars are broken, don’t panic. If you can go to the dentist immediately, you are advised to save the molars in the milk. Under certain conditions, the doctor has the possibility to be able to paste it back. But this certainly depends on the level of damage.

Molar teeth are very important for chewing and grinding food. If you experience problems with molars, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor immediately. Diligently brushing your teeth and gargling will help overall dental health and brighten your smile.